Sunday, 29 July 2007

Ian McKellen's comments about Singapore (Video)

Ian McKellen's comments about Singapore when he was here performing "King Lear".

Monday, 1 January 2007

Dongfang Bubai

Yingying thought silently, "If I join in this chaotic battle, instead of helping I would only be obstructing them, what should I do? It seems Dongfang Bubai is able to defeat the three of them alone." With a glimpse, she saw that Yang Lianting has sat up on the bed and was observing the battle in full concentration, his face revealing his deep concern. Yingying had an idea and slowly crept towards the side of the bed. Suddenly she raised the dagger on her left hand and plunged it into Yang Lianting's right shoulder. Yng Lianting could not defend himself in time and cried out in pain. Yingying followed with another slash of her sword on his thighs.

This time, Yang Lianting realised what she was trying to do was to use his cries to distract Dongfang Bubai and with great effort, suppressed the agony and prevented himself from making anymore noises. In anger, Yingying threatened, "If you don't cry out, I'll chop off your fingers one by one." With a shake of her long sword, she cut off a finger from his right hand. Unexpectedly, despite the severe pain, Yang Lianting stubbornly refused to let out a single groan.

However, Yang Lianting's first cry had already alerted Dongfang Bubai. With a side glance, he saw Yingying standing by the bed, waving her sword and torturing Yang Lianting. He scolded, "Wretched girl!" A cloud of red shot towards Yingying.

Yingying hastily slanted her head and withdrew herself, uncertain if she could avoid Dongfang Bubai's needle. Linghu Chong and Ren Woxing both thrust their swords at Dongfang Bubai's back while Xiang Wentian sent his whip flying at Yang Lianting's head. Dongfang Bubai did not care about the attacks against himself, instead with a backhand stroke, he pierced his needle into Xiang Wentian's chest.

Xiang Wentian felt his body going numb and lost his grip on his whip. At this point in time, Linghu Chong's and Ren Woxing's swords both stabbed into Dongfang Bubai's back. Dongfang Bubai trembled and fell onto Yang Lianting.

Extracted from "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer"
Written by Louis Cha
Translated by rezipping

Tuesday, 26 December 2006


Yangguo said, "If I am wrong, I would naturally repent. But he..." With a finger pointed at Zhao Zhijing, he continued, "He beat me, humiliated me, lied to me and hated me, how can I acknowledge him as my teacher? Heaven can see that my feelings for my Aunt are pure. I respect her and love her, is that wrong?" He spoke with fervour and conviction, unshakable in his stand. Guojing was less competent a speaker and could not win him in words. Although he knew that Yangguo's behaviour was reprehensible, he was unable to express it and could only stammer, "This... this... you are wrong..."

Huangrong stepped up slowly and gently said, "Guo-er, Uncle Guo is but concerned for you. You need to understand that." Yangguo was touched and appeased by her soft words, "Uncle Guo has always treated me well, I know that." His eyes reddened and was on the verge of tearing. Huangrong said, "He is only trying to give you good advice, do not mistake his intentions." Yangguo replied, "I just don't understand what I have done wrong." Huangrong's face became solemn and said, "Do you really not know or are you trying to play the fool?" Yangguo was filled with indignantion. "If you treat me well, I return the kindness, what more do you expect of me?" he thought biting his lip but did not reply. Huangrong said, "Fine, since you want me to say it out directly, I shall not beat around the bush. Since Miss Long is your teacher and your senior, you cannot fall in love with each other."

Unlike Xiaolongn├╝, Yangguo was not totally unaware of such a societal institution, but he was just not convinced. Why was it justifiable to prevent him from marrying Aunt just because she taught him the martial arts? Why did Uncle Guo refuse to believe that they were not having an illicit affair? At this point, his anger rose. He was already one who was strong-willed and afraid of nothing, such injustice only caused him to exclaim hotheadedly, "Have I done anything that hindered you? Have I harmed or hurt anyone of you? Aunt taught me martial arts, but I want to make her my wife. You can slay me a thousand times, ten thousand times and I would still want her as my wife."

Extracted from "The Return of the Condor Heroes"
Written by Louis Cha
Translated by rezipping